shigesato itoi

Juan Rodrigo Urso

Biography of Shigesato Itoi

Shigesato Itoi was born on November 10, 1948 in Maebashi , Gunma , Japan.
In the 70s of XX century was engaged in creating advertising slogans for film and commercial products .

In 1989 he reached the videogame company “Nintendo ” with the idea to create a video game called “Mother ” or “Earthbound Zero” .

It was a RPG (Role Playing Game) style game.

It was released only in Japan that year . Had few sales. Nevertheless , the sequel Itoi launched in 1995 with the name ” Mother 2 ” .

In the United States took the name ” Earthbound ”

Earthbound logo

. Originally , I had few sales. However , over the years a cult classic turned .
This happened when ” Ness ” , the protagonist of “Earthbound ” appeared in four installments of the famous game “Super Smash Bros” .


super smash bros logo

“Lucas” , star of ” Mother 3 ” has also appeared in a delivery of “Super Smash Bros.

mother 3 logo

Lucas ssbb

” Itoi produced the third of the series for the “Nintendo 64″ console. However , he never went on sale because the console was discontinued.

In 1997 he created for Nintendo 64 ” Shigesato Itoi # 1 Bass Fish” , a fishing game .

In 1998 created his own website called ” Hobonichi ” .
Basically a digital diary.

In 2006 he released ” Mother 3 ” but only in Japan. It was not a massive bestseller , but Itoi consolidated fame as the author of worship.

Indeed , today , a group of fans is developing quarter .
Itoi has also worked as a voice actor for films , including the famous
” My Neighbor Totoro” Hayao Miyazaki.

mi vecino totoro

He was a judge on the television show “Iron Chef” .

In 2006 , he produced his own musical album called ” Penguinism ”

Today is 66 years old. He is married to actress Hanako Japanese Higuchi since 1993 .